Posters Can Help

Thanks for donating and being part of the project! You can now upload the necessary information and files for your submission. Please pay attention to correct spelling, we will use the files submitted via this form for the book. Please note that there is no option to save between.

If you upload less pictures than originaly purchased, we will assume an additional donation. Data not uploaded by 30.06.2022 will no longer be considered for the book, the invoice amount of your order will then be considered as a donation.

Unlike other Call for Submissions, all submissions to Posters Can Help are included in the book. There is no creative selection process. The more people who participate in the project, the better! However, we reserve the right to reject politically incorrect content. Submissions that are racist, homophobic, or sexist will not be included in the book. The money will be returned to the account.

If you have any questions, get in touch. Thanks a lot!

Grant of Rights

With submitting, you grant Slanted Publishers the right, unlimited in time and space, to use the text(s) and image(s) provided to publish in the publication Posters Can Help and as part of the promotion of the publication (e.g. ads, websites, books, posters, postcards, mobile phone apps, etc.). By submitting you certifiy that (1) the submitted texts and information are correct, (2) you are either the sole owner of all rights to the work or has been authorized by the owner(s) of such rights to grant the rights granted herein, and (3) the publication of the work does not infringe the rights of third parties. With submitting you agree that you will not receive any direct financial compensation from Slanted Publishers for granting these rights herein.

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